4 thoughts on “Rangers Win Again!

  1. It isn`t military or an American organization (legally). Basically the owner lives in Japan with his Japanese wife, but he is American. He runs things the “American way.” But obviously it isn`t run fully American. There is nothing I can do other then talk to him & hope that he changes his mind, but we`ve been through a lot of disagreement that I just feel like I`m going to have to qiuet this one out & do nothing but rant on my xanga until I can find a better job. Because of my age it is hard to find jobs & plus for the moment it is convenient & I have bills to pay so I can`t leave until I for sure find a job. The tip thing just really sucks because everyone knows & mentions how I work the hardest, but doesn`t do anything about it because they all want the money I make for them. It is just a lame situation. -sigh-

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