Sieze The Day

The world is a funny place.  One day it rains.  The next day it’s sunny.  You never truly know until you look outside.

A stunning revelation I know, but indulge the idea for a moment.  Most things in our lives (including the weather) change all the time.  Many of these things are completely beyond our control.  Yet, our lives remain relatively predictable.  In a world filled with random, uncontrollable occurrences, most of us somehow manage to achieve a stunning level of normalcy.

This has mixed consequences.  Predictability comforts, but carried to an extreme, it constrains.   Deep down, everyone thirsts for adventure.  But, we are held back by fear of the unknown.

As humans, we always fear the worst.

The problem is, our dreams come from within.  They are not bestowed by the forces that swirl around us.  The only way to achieve these dreams is to venture into the unknown.  (Adventure.)  Overcoming our fear takes confidence, courage, and a plan.

So let us push our boundaries.  (Intelligently.)  Let us look in the mirror, and remind ourselves: it’s okay to fail, but it’s never okay to stop trying.  We all deserve more than that.

Happiness only comes to those who dare to pursue it.

9 thoughts on “Sieze The Day

  1. Life is always better if you’re prepared.Some people mistake that as fear but sometimes it feels too good to live your life free and carefree.ofcourse that’s not always the case.I missed your blogs,Good to read them again 🙂

  2. Love this post! I was sheltered for so long, finally came out of my shell, became adventurous and brave and now I am back in my shell again. Not because I didn’t enjoy it but I just simply had my fill. I like my safe and comfy shell but I admit I miss my old adventurous self. Maybe I’ll see that side again in the future :)Thanks again for this post!

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