Miss America Update

Snow angels graced Dallas on Monday, leaving icy shadows behind.  Tonight will be a shivering seventeen degrees.  After an unseasonably warm December, winter has officially reached us here in the Lone Star State.   It’s a good evening to curl up by the fireplace and sip hot cocoa. 

Oh yes, and also a good evening for a Miss America pageant update.

On Friday, fifty-three beautiful contestants arrived in Las Vegas and began a grand tour of the city.  First, they dressed up in their favorite outfits and strutted their stuff at Fashion Show Mall.  Then, the ladies headed to the Eiffel Tower for an elegant photo op.  Las Vegas has never looked so classy!

But tonight, things start getting serious.  This marks the beginning of the three-night preliminary competition, which along with the personal interview, will determine the fifteen finalists who will compete for the crown of Miss America on Saturday.  The contestants will be divided into three groups for the preliminaries.  Each night, one group will do the talent competition, another will do the swimsuit and evening wear competition, and the other will answer an onstage question.  A preliminary winner will be chosen from each group every night.  However, I’ve found that just because a contestant wins a preliminary does not necessarily mean she is going to be a finalist.

There is also another important factor that determines the finalists: the personal interview.  The personal interviews took place this past weekend.  However, they have not yet been posted online.  The personal interviews count for 25% of the contestants’ overall score.  So in reality, a quarter of the competition is already over.

Until the interviews come out, I cannot yet rank my 20 favorite contestants.  However, I did get a chance to watch the Fashion Show the ladies put on this weekend!  The fashion show is a great event because there not as much pressure and each lady really gets to showcase her personality — both in her clothing and body language.

The problem is, I’m not very good at judging fashion.  (Don’t act so shocked.)  So I basically evaluated the contestants based on their walk, body language, attitude, and the overall impression they gave me.  Here are the top contestants who scored points in my book during the show:

Miss New Hampshire.  Watching her glide over the runway really made me glad I kept her on my good list!  She was radiating with confidence.  And I don’t know much about fashion, but what she had on looked pretty good to me.

Miss South Dakota.  She made walking down the runway look so effortless.

Miss Washington.  Her walk really caught my attention.  I also liked the pink dress and the confident triple pose.  She definitely made a good impression on me.

Miss Hawaii.  Speaking of pink dresses . . . here’s another good one.  I am such a sucker for the flower in the hair!  Last year, Miss Kentucky stole my heart with a flower like that.  And her playful attitude is very attractive.  She just seems so fun.

Miss Ohio.  Bold move to go with pants.  That shows she is confident about her sense of fashion, and not afraid to stand out.

Miss Colorado.  I really liked her outfit.  She looked comfortable on the catwalk.

Miss New Jersey.  She has the grace of a Miss America, and a smile that lights up the room.  I get the sense that she has a rare talent for connecting with people.

Okay, so those were the top contestants who got a boost from the fashion show.  Some others that I also liked were Miss Arizona (she must do modeling), Miss Connecticut, Miss Kansas, Miss New Mexico, Miss Missouri, and Miss Puerto Rico.  I also liked how when the M.C. announced that Miss Massachusetts graduated from Harvard, everyone went “whoa!”  Haha.

I guess that’s all for tonight.  I plan to post my rankings on Friday.  Hopefully the interviews will come out before then.  If you’re looking for something to pass the time, here is a cool link to 90 Fun Facts about this year’s pageant.

One last thing — if any of you ladies out there could educate me on which outfits in the show were the best, then please do!  I would hate to know I am overlooking a special contestant just because I lack fashion sense.    :  P

One thought on “Miss America Update

  1. I’m disappointed to not see Miss California on your list. 😛 Maybe you should think about being a journalist during the Miss America pageants from now on. I’m leaving for Texas in a few days, you’re making it sound bad with all this bad weather talk. 17 degrees exist? I’m pretty sure 50 is the lowest the temperature actually goes. Time to get your thermometer checked :p

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