Miss America Pre-Game Show

The big day is finally here!  Tonight, at 9 pm ET on ABC, a new Miss America will be crowned.  As your loyal Miss America “correspondent,” I’ve got the pre-competiton breakdown for you.

I could not find the personal interviews online, but what I did find was just as good.  The entire preliminaries somehow made it on to YouTube!  So I got a sneak preview of the contestants in action.  Here are the winners of the preliminary competitions:

Tuesday Night

Talent  —  Miss North Carolina.  Her phenomenal clogging routine lit up the stage and brought the crowd to their feet!

Swimsuit — Miss Hawaii.  I am not alone; apparently the judges have fallen victim to her charm, too!

Wednesday Night

Talent  —  Miss Rhode Island.  Her rendition of “Smile” was sung with perfect pace and inflection, sending chills up and down the spine.

Swimsuit  —  Miss Alabama.  Classic Southern beauty!

Thursday Night

Talent — Miss Nebraska.  Her performance of Whitewater Chopsticks was thunderous.  Her fingers slid majestically across the piano, hypnotizing the crowd. And to think — she’s only seventeen!

Swimsuit  —  Miss Oklahoma.  Athletic yet still femine, she towered over the other swimsuit constestants on night 3.


I have now seen the intro videos, the fashion show, and the preliminaries.  And I am ready to rank my favorites.  Here they are:

1.  Miss Hawaii

2.  Miss Virginia

3.  Miss Washington

4.  Miss New Jersey

5.  Miss Georgia

6.  Miss Ohio

7.  Miss Colorado

8.  Miss South Dakota

9.  Miss Mississippi

10.  Miss Pennsylvania

11.  Miss Deleware

12.  Miss Wyoming

13.  Miss Tennessee

14.  Miss Virgin Islands

15.  Miss New Hampshire

There you have it.  So tune in to see how it all plays out.  Here is a good Intro Video to get you ready for the pageant.  May the best lady win!

I will also be posting pulses on my iPhone in real time from my favorite spot to watch Miss America — the bar at Chili’s.  So drop in to get my live reaction.  Haha.  (I always ask the waitress to put it on.  At first, the people at the bar are like WTF?  But then everyone’s eyes are glued to it.)  The place is sure to be rocking tonight . . .

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