And It Feels So Good . . .

I have been in a good mood lately.  It’s been one of those Better Off Ted weeks for me.

There are several kinds of weeks, in case you didn’t know.

There are Top Gun weeks.  Those are the weeks where you kick a$$.

There are Honey I Shrunk The Kids weeks.  Those are the weeks where you screw up big time.

There are The Time Traveler’s Wife weeks.  Those are the weeks where you are constantly on the go.

There are Napoleon Dynamite weeks.  Those weeks are easy going.

There are Days Of Our Lives weeks.  Those weeks are full of drama.

There are Dr. Zhivago weeks.  Those weeks are depressing as hell, and they drag on for what seems like forever.  You just want to sleep through them.  One of my “neat” friends has been having a week like that.  Hopefully this shout out will make her weekend a little better.    ;  )

There are Wayne’s World weeks.  Those weeks are just weird. 

Then, there are Breakfast at Tiffany’s weeks.  Mhmm.  Those are my favorite.

This list is not exhaustive.

So what kind of week have you been having?

*  Speaking of Better Off Ted, I would like to clear up some confusion by reminding all of my star-struck readers that I am not the celebrity pictured in my profile.  I am far more dashing than Jay Harrington.    ;  )

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