Waves sloshed across two pairs of feet as he chased her across an ocean sunset.  The faint sound of laughter resonated from the shore of the beach. 

She squealed as he caught up to her and pulled her down on top of him in the sand.  Her laughter was uncontrollable.  He grinned up at her, proud of his pursuit.

Catching her breath, her eyes fell upon his.  For a lingering moment, their gazes locked.  Then, their bodies followed suit.  As the sun descended, two intertwined silhouettes writhed passionately in the sand.

Suddenly, she looked up.   A hundred yards ahead, she could make out a man riding a horse down the beach.  The man looked to be in his late thirties, tan, and in visibly good shape.  He rode shirtless, and wore a dark brimmed stetson hat.  The stallion beneath him glowed with a ghostly shade of white.

“Good evening!” he called out, as he pulled his stallion to a trot.  It almost seemed as if he had been expecting them.

Somewhat embarrased, they climbed to their feet and dusted the sand off their clothes.  A brief introduction followed.

“Hey, I was just on my way to a party at friend’s place not far from here,” the rider said, gesturing with his hand.  “It’s a casual affair.  No invitation needed.  Would you care to join me?”

The man seemed nice enough.  He offered her his hand, and helped her onto the white stallion.  

The man gave her companion an apologetic look.  “Sorry buddy, there ain’t enough room on this horse for you.”  He jerked the reigns, and they took off down the beach.  She clung to the man’s waist for dear life.  She barely managed to hold on.

Meanwhile, he watched helplessly as they faded into the distance.  There was nothing he could do.

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