The sea breeze gushed through her hair as she and the stranger rode for miles down the beach. 

As dusk fell, they approached a cliff that towered several stories over the oceanside.  Soon she detected the faint sound of music and laughter.

The man pulled the stallion to a trot as they neared the base of the cliff, and jumped down.  Amidst the dense vegetation, she could make out a granite staircase winding up to the top.  The stranger clapped his hands twice.  Suddenly, torch lamps came to life along the staircase.  The cliff glowed with a zig zag of scattered firelight.

After tying the horse one of the torch lamps, the man came over to help her down.

She lost her balance, and fell into his arms with a scream.  “Whoa there missy!” said the stranger with a hearty laugh, as he lowered her to the sand. 

Everything seemed so surreal.  She wondered if he was upset with her.  Oh well, it’s probably better to end it before he finds out, she thought.  She actually felt a bittersweet sense of relief.  Of course, it did not hurt that she now found herself alone with a handsome stranger.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Follow me,” he said, as he led her up the staircase.

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