Spoken Word Poetry

A friend of mine sent me a video of this girl who performs spoken word poetry.  This form of poetry is generally delivered in a stream-of-consciousness style, where the rhythm and inflection of the poet’s voice help communicate the feelings that inspired the poem – perhaps better than the words themselves ever could.

In high school, my friends and I would occasionally go to the Poets Loft on Wednesday nights.  The Loft was a little tavern-like place on the top story of one of the buildings lining Bath House Row.  (Those familiar with Hot Springs may know where I’m talking about.) 

Wednesday night was open mic night, and there would be all kinds of people who would come up on stage and share their poetry or music.  It was a very open atmosphere.  A place where people came to express themselves.  Where everyone could speak their mind, and know they were being heard.  Many would come with notebooks containing poems they had prepared.  And they would deliver them passionately, in their own unique way.

The video kinda took me back.

Spoken word poetry reminds me that written words can only go so far in expressing the feelings that lie within us. 

4 thoughts on “Spoken Word Poetry

  1. The Loft sounds great.  My friends and I never really found anywhere to go in Hot Springs by night.  Other than Red Beards where I got both my tattoos.   – Leah K

  2. @sunflowersforlove –  Haha, neither can I . . . I just listened to other people’s poetry at the Loft. But, I must confess, I did strum a guitar once or twice . . . : P@korean_angel214 –  Hot Springs, Arkansas. If you ever go up that way, you should check it out. The entire city is a National Park.@leahKtutu –  Hot Springs actually has its own strip club (or so I’m told). You meant no place for decent ladies like you and your friends, right?

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