Day At The Beach

Yesterday was a perfect day to go for a drive.  So of course, that’s what I did.  I drove down to Galveston and went to the beach.  The trip was as scenic as it was relaxing.  Here are some pictures I took along the way:

It was a beautiful day on the beach.  The weather was ideal.

The calming sound of waves tumbling over the sand put my mind at ease.

My beach towel.

This is a Portugese Man o’ War.  You gotta watch out for these guys.  Their sting is more painful than a jellyfish.  Being a clueless land lubber, I thought these were just platic wrappers people had left on the beach.  I sat down right beside one.  Fortunately, a guy came over and kept me from getting stung.  Now I know.

Brave surfer swims to colorful pier.  Meanwhile, hungry shark swims to brave surfer.

A gorgeous view of Galveston Bay.

The road to Galveston took me through downtown Houston.


Pero no se como escribirlo.  :  P

On the way, I spotted an entire field covered with BLUEBONNETS.  It was a spectacular sight!

These pretty Indian Blankets also caught my eye.

On nearly every hillside, there were wildflowers dancing in the breeze.

These plants also have yellow buds, but they are a bit more prickly.

A pastoral scene.

A house on a hill.

Uh oh.  I think this city boy just took one picture too many.  Time for me to go!

6 thoughts on “Day At The Beach

  1. I love taking the ferry to Galveston. ^_^ The dolphins like to greet people.  I thought about living there once, but the hurricanes would freak my family out a bit much when they happened.  I haven’t been in a few years, I hope to go this summer.

  2. Yeah, moving there crossed my mind for a moment too. A fleeting, but wonderful moment . . . haha. You’re right, the hurricanes make it a hard sell. (I’ve heard that is why everyone moved to Houston a century ago.). But in a perfect world, Galveston would be the largest city in Texas. I hope you get a chance to go back!@sunflowersforlove –  Thank you. There you go stoking my ego again. Not to mention the ego of an entire island. And Lauren, we’ve already talked about this . . . ; )@wellneveragain –  You love my music, you love my photos — everything but my writing, right??  Haha.  Don’t listen to her, she’s a bad influence.  ;  )@leahKtutu –  Well you saw it today! Okay, I know what you mean. ; )Thank you for all the feedback, ladies! I must say, of all the pretty sight I’ve laid eyes upon lately, my comment section is by far the most beautiful. ; )

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