Pop Quiz

Alright class.  Everyone get your pencils out.  It’s time for a multiple choice question.

Today is . . .

a.  Cinco de Mayo

b.  My Birthday

c.  Thursday

d.  All of the above.


No cheating!

7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. @blonde_apocalypse – Haha.  Thank you.  On behalf of Mexico, of course.  :  P@livexlovexlaughter – Thanks.  Wow, you even busted out the minis for me.  I feel so special.  ;  )@leahKtutu – Correct, correct, correct, and . . . correct.  Great job.  What do you win?  Hey, it’s MY birthday!  :  P@korean_angel214 – Correct!  Thank you.  Interesting, I did not know that.  Thanks for enlightening me. @sunflowersforlove – Correct also!  Hey, did you cheat?  j/k.  Uh oh, now you’ve got me all excited.  You are a very creative girl, so there’s no telling what is up your sleeve . . . I guess I’ll find out soon enough.Thank y’all for the birthday wishes!  What a smart class.  Everyone gets an A this semester!   ;  )

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