Celebrity Impersonators

Today there was a post on the Xanga homepage about a particularly well-known Xangan, LobornLytesThoughtPalace, supposedly “impersonating” Denise Paglia, a celebrity model who was popular during the ’90s.  LobornLytes, who is allegedly a man, has a picture of Paglia for his profile. 

Judging from the comments, many people (a disturbingly high number) actually believed LobornLytes was the model.  And many were critical of him.  The author of the post even implied that Paglia should sue him for “malicious impersonation.”

TheologiansCafe followed this post up with an entry asking, “would you stop being friends with someone if you found out that their profile pic was fake?” Surprisingly, some answered yes.

Now, that seems a little extreme.

Personally, I was quite taken aback by the scathing responses. First off, who would honestly think Denise Paglia (or her look-alike) was on Xanga?  And second, when did having a celebrity’s picture on your profile become a crime of moral turpitude?

I don’t think bloggers who have celebrities in their profile pics are necessarily evil to the core. I mean, you probably even know some of these people . . . Anyone? Anyone? Buehler??

As hopefully many of you know by now, the man in my profile picture is Jay Harrington, a celebrity.  He is one of my favorite sitcom actors (Ted from “Better Off Ted”).  Clearly, I am not Jay Harrington.  I am Ben.

Does this mean we can’t be friends anymore?

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