Who’s Your Daddy?

My two best friends are identical twins.  One had his first child this afternoon.  A beautiful, healthy baby boy.

Everyone was elated; especially his brother, who quickly posted a Facebook status update declaring himself a proud new uncle.

After the frenzy had died down, a thought popped into my mind.  A scandalous thought perhaps.

Aren’t both of my friends the daddy?

Give me a chance to explain.  As you probably know, identical twins are genetically identical.  As a result, they pass on the exact same genes to their children.  According to Wikipedia, “the children of identical twins would test genetically as half-siblings rather than first cousins.”

So shouldn’t my other friend be celebrating biological fatherhood (rather than uncle-hood)?  Somebody please tell me where I’m wrong here.

P.S. – If I ever have kids, I think I’m going to send them to the University of Indiana just so I can have a bumpersticker that says “Hoosier Daddy.” : P

6 thoughts on “Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. Good thing you don’t have a twin. I feel like you’d intentionally confuse the children into thinking you’re both the dad. Instead of saying ask your mom like most parents do you’d just tell them to ask their other dad :p

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