Eleven Eleven Eleven

Today is a special day.  I don’t know why, but it has to be.  My calendar looks like guitar strings and no one can tell me what it means.  So I’m left to my own devices.

Think of all the possibilities.  Today may be the loneliest day; it may be the straightest day; it may be a hopelessly impatient day with an incurable superiority complex; or it may just be a bad hair day.  I guess we will all find out soon enough.

I’ll admit to being in awe of these consecutive number days.  And, this could be the LAST one.  (Just ask my Mayan readers.)

Either way, I have a feeling that something special will happen on the eleventh second, of the eleventh minute, of the eleventh hour today.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Global Warming: It’s Not Our Fault

I am not a scientist.  But, I have a theory.  The idea that humans are responsible for global warming is a myth.  (Or at least the theory behind it is bad.)

The theory of global warming can be summarized: there is more carbon dioxide in the world due to human activities, which creates a “greenhouse effect,” which makes the world hotter.

If this theory was true, one would expect the world to get warmer each year.  Obviously some places may get cooler in a given year due to weather patterns.  But, on the whole, one would expect a rise in heat caused by the rise in carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide rises each year, so heat should too.  Or so the theory goes.

However, this is not the case.  Although the amount of CO(2) is consistently rising, the global temperatures are not.  Some years the world gets cooler.  (2007, for example.)  This observation suggests that something besides carbon dioxide is to blame.

The global warming theorists dismiss the cool years by point out that, on the balance, there is more warming than cooling.  They are right that things are getting warmer (just ask Texas, which suffered through the hottest summer in history), but they are wrong about what is causing it.  If the warming was caused by an increase in carbon dioxide, it would be steady and consistent.  It’s not.  (Just ask Dallas, which suffered through one of its coldest winters in history.)

Indeed, according to recent NASA research, the increased carbon dioxide may actually be having a cooling effect in the earth’s thermosphere.  The 2009 scandal known as “Climategate” uncovered evidence that some scientists had been consciously ignoring evidence of cooling temperatures.  The scientific community now has a new debate on their hands: will there be global cooling in the near future?

Don’t get me wrong.  The earth has been getting warmer for many years.  But it is not our fault.


P.S. – I drive a Honda Civic and always take showers.  If global warming really is our fault, don’t blame me.  :  P