Global Warming: It’s Not Our Fault

I am not a scientist.  But, I have a theory.  The idea that humans are responsible for global warming is a myth.  (Or at least the theory behind it is bad.)

The theory of global warming can be summarized: there is more carbon dioxide in the world due to human activities, which creates a “greenhouse effect,” which makes the world hotter.

If this theory was true, one would expect the world to get warmer each year.  Obviously some places may get cooler in a given year due to weather patterns.  But, on the whole, one would expect a rise in heat caused by the rise in carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide rises each year, so heat should too.  Or so the theory goes.

However, this is not the case.  Although the amount of CO(2) is consistently rising, the global temperatures are not.  Some years the world gets cooler.  (2007, for example.)  This observation suggests that something besides carbon dioxide is to blame.

The global warming theorists dismiss the cool years by point out that, on the balance, there is more warming than cooling.  They are right that things are getting warmer (just ask Texas, which suffered through the hottest summer in history), but they are wrong about what is causing it.  If the warming was caused by an increase in carbon dioxide, it would be steady and consistent.  It’s not.  (Just ask Dallas, which suffered through one of its coldest winters in history.)

Indeed, according to recent NASA research, the increased carbon dioxide may actually be having a cooling effect in the earth’s thermosphere.  The 2009 scandal known as “Climategate” uncovered evidence that some scientists had been consciously ignoring evidence of cooling temperatures.  The scientific community now has a new debate on their hands: will there be global cooling in the near future?

Don’t get me wrong.  The earth has been getting warmer for many years.  But it is not our fault.


P.S. – I drive a Honda Civic and always take showers.  If global warming really is our fault, don’t blame me.  :  P

9 thoughts on “Global Warming: It’s Not Our Fault

  1. Well the tricky thing is that if the temperature changes up or down, the effect that can have is flexible.For example if the temp goes up too much it may change the course of the Gulf Stream that helps to keep the UK nice and warm, without it the UK would be more like northern Canada in the winter :SThats a blunt example but you get my point, perhaps the cooling warming effects are just teh tail end of several cascading changes.Having said that I kind of agree with you that we may not be to blame, a lot of evidence suggests that our planet has it’s own patterns and systems and temp change is one of them, no matter what we get upto the planet may be on it’s way to a change and there’s just nothing we can do about it.

  2. Thanks for writing.   I have no idea if Global Warming is caused by humans.  I don’t really know if Global Warming isn’t totally and completely natural.  Maybe it is a figment of our imaginations.   Maybe all of the natural disasters are “God’s hand sending us a sign of the end of days”.  I do think we could be nicer to the Earth we were given.  And any good scientist who believes in natural beauty like me might simply say we caused a problem to our planet so that alteast some people would be conscious of her destruction.    Now, I get most of my information from the History Channel.  Which seems to me to be a little biased in it’s programming.  A bias towards anything that is more interesting than actuality or recorded history.  But I seem to remember learning at some point the loss of the four seasons?  Changing only to a bitterly cold winter and a very hot summer.  I want to say this was an indication of entering an age of some sort, such as the ice age.  I’m not sure.  This seems like a natural occurance and one that is inevitable.  The two season thing looks pretty familiar?  Sorry for the novel.  I don’t mean to make you read more than I already do.  – Leah K.

  3. Interesting, I like your thinking. Most of the global warming agenda is used as a scare tactic to push people into buying somewhat pricey low emission vehicles and other products. Thank you corporations for finding another clever way to push your products and for making those of us who cannot afford a $50,000 electric run car feel bad. I do think that global changes are real and are somewhat caused by humans as we have continuously used up the earth’s resources and emitted large amounts of toxic fumes into the air. We should all be much more conscientious and do what we can to limit our footprints, it’s just common sense to respect our surroundings. But as far as us personally destroying ice caps in the North Pole, I’m not so sure my Jetta contributed. On the other hand, if the scare of it helps us all learn to respect the earth more, that’s not such a bad thing.

  4. I got kicked out of my highschool science class for pointing out the same things you just did. The teacher was furious but sometimes things just don’t add up to the conclusions they’re jumping to. Most people are controlled by their emotions. Therefore the easiest way to control them is with love or fear. It makes sense that scientists might be tempted to use fear to control since they have a tendency toward egotisitcal control freakishness and they aren’t often very lovable. ;_)

  5. @BFB1131 – Good points.  But that Gulf Stream thing you’re talking about is like a mile over my head.   :  P@leahKtutu – It’s hard to argue with you about the two seasons after this past year.  At least I will have your reading assignments to keep me busy while I take refuge from the bitterly cold winter.  ;  )@Whatsthat@momaroo – Ooh, a conspiracy theory with a happy ending.  I like it.@drawmafreezone – Wow, they kicked you out of class?  That is extreme.  I can’t disagree with your generalization about scientists and human nature.  Everyone seems to have a motive these days.@sunflowersforlove – Very disruptive.  Can’t you see we are discussing something important here?  See me after class.

  6. @mr_white_tie_affair – I think people have always had a motive for what they do but in the past we weren’t too concerned with what their motive might be as long as we got the results we desired from their efforts. I also think that scientists are now viewed as almost God like in the way people follow their every study and conclusion. I think it puts a lot of pressure on them to be right all the time, to always have the right answer and to never change their mind when the very nature of scientific studies doesn’t really fit with any of those things.

  7. I love science, and this is one of my favorite topics to talk about (next to evolution).  The problem I have is exactly what you mentioned above with the scientists ignoring the cooling effects.  If you’re looking for it, evidence for global warming can be supported.  Evidence against global warming is also supported.  Can’t they just average the two and say that Earth goes through periods of warming and cooling (see Ice Age)?  I think the earth just has a natural pattern it goes through.  I think humans could possibly effect it, but I think it would be rather minuscule.  Check out this year’s October National Geographic.  There’s a whole article about how Earth has been through an extreme warming phase before.  It was called the PETM and it was due to a huge influx of carbon released into the atmosphere.  Humans were barely beginning around that time, I highly doubt it was from them.   Earth is going to do what it wants. 

  8. @drawmafreezone – Yes, that seems to be the problem.  We place so much stock in scientists that they seemingly have carte blanche to say whatever they want and expect everyone to blindly take their word for it.  The same goes for doctors who appear on infomercials.  We take their advice at our peril.@ORated_Reality – I agree with your Earth Does What It Wants theory.  Unfortunately, that’s not what people with guilty consciences want to hear, or what causes wealthy donors to pour money into climate change research.  Scientists know that the best way to get people to pay attention to what they are saying is to scare them.

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