My Dad’s First Text Message

December 11th, 2011.  A day that will live in technological infamy.

In a surprise attack more shocking than Pearl Harbor, my phone was suddenly and unexpectedly bombarded by a most unlikely aggressor.  After regaining my composure, I could not believe what I saw.

Unidentified Person using my Dad’s phone: Muchos tacos whatcha doin

Me: Please tell me this is mom

Unidentified Person: it aint mom im hi tech now

Me: Mom I know that’s you

UP: Its your duck partner

Me: Whoever has stolen this phone please return it immediately

UP: No theft my bell slough amigo


UP: Are u up off the floor yet

Yes, it seems my father has officially joined the technological revolution.  This is the dawn of a new era for mankind.

What transpired yesterday is not the only evidence I have.  When I was home for my mom’s birthday this weekend, I observed — with my own eyes — my dad using a computer.  He has even learned what “websites” are, although he has difficulty getting to them.  He has trouble finding the browser button, doesn’t know how to scroll, and types slower than moss grows on trees.  But while it may be just a small leap for man, it’s one giant leap for my dad.

Then I asked him to burn me a copy of my Mom’s Adele CD.  And he did.  On his ancient 90s-eque CD burner in the attic.

Maybe all is not lost.

3 thoughts on “My Dad’s First Text Message

  1. a post! Awesome!  This gives me faith that maybe I can master technology as well!  It also blows my mind that the older generation seems to use shorthand in texts way more than they might need.  I see your Dad used “u”.  My mother does this as well.  Today she wrote “pictr” instead of picture.  If it wasn’t so hard to change over to numbers on her phone I’m afraid she would text like a 12 year old girl.  OMG go 2 mall n u c SANTA!!!  – Leah K.

  2. HAHA, awesome first text from your dad!  That’s hilarious.  My dad can’t remember how to text so when he does, someone is walking him through it and it’s like “I love you!”…  Nothing like your dad.  My father sits there typing, with his two index fingers.  *face palm….*  He’s fairly fast typing that fast but it’s pretty funny watching.  He’s 73 years young.  How old is your dad?….

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