When the brave rescuer reached the top of the plateau, he was bewildered by what he saw.  There was no House of Horrors, as he had imagined.  What he found was a party scene.

For several minutes, he craned his neck through the crowd, looking for anyone who resembled her.  He stopped a kind-looking woman in a flamingo mask and asked if she’d seen a man pass by with a girl.

“I’ve seen plenty of them,” she said, amused.  “Good luck finding whoever you’re looking for.”

Frustrated, he rushed to the stage where the band was playing.  A note written on a napkin was handed to the lead singer.

“We have someone here who is looking for his friend,” announced the ainger.  He relayed a brief description of her appearance.

“She is in there!” cried a voice from deep within the crowd. 

He gazed up at the mighty palace.  He would find her if it took all night.

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