Let The Games Begin

Thursday evening, fifty-three stunning contestants arrived in Las Vegas for the Miss America’s pageant’s customary welcome ceremony.  Since their arrival, they have been busy getting to know each other and preparing for the competition, but still managed to find time for a few other extra-curricular activities.  On Friday, the ladies took part in a charity cooking event and saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian.  And yesterday, they modeled their favorite designer dresses in the annual Miss America fashion show at Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall. 

Tomorrow, the Miss America pageant officially begins.  The ladies will start off with their preliminary interviews (25% of overall score), which probably narrow down the field more than the point allocation might suggest.  The interviews will continue into Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Tuesday, the preliminary talent (35%), evening wear (20%), and swimsuit (15%) competitions begin in front of a live audience at Planet Hollywood.  The contestants have been divided into three groups, with each taking part in a different preliminary competition each day from Tuesday until Thursday.  When the smoke clears, the stage will be set for the final night of competition on Saturday.

Notes from the first few days:

Miss California easily won the award for most scandalous attire at the arrival ceremony.  Not that the guys in the audience were complaining!

Miss Michigan scored major charm points at the arrival ceremony when she declared herself to be “Miss Mittens” because she is from the only state “where you can use your hand as a map.”  She then showed up to dance rehearsals with a shirt that warned her competitors, “Don’t Mess With The Mitten.”

Miss Arkansas is a Quality of Life Award finalist!  The other QLA finalists are: Miss Michigan, Miss Hawaii, Miss New York, Miss Minnesota, Miss New Hampshire, Miss Ohio, and Miss Kentucky.

The ladies at Phantom of the Opera and cooking pancakes for charity!

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