A Flare For Fashion

Miss America week is off and running!  Today half of the contestants sat down with the judges for their personal interviews to explain why they should take home the crown.  The interviews generally are not made public until after the competition, so it’s impossible to for us know how they went.  What we know is that tomorrow is the start of the preliminary competitions, which hopefully will find their way onto the internet by the end of the night.  That will give us the first glimpse of how the contestants are stacking up.

In the meantime, here are some of the ladies who scored points (in my book) during the Fashion Show on Saturday:

Miss North Dakota’s got it all: the dress, the heels, the walk.

No surprises here.  Miss New York knows how to work the runway.

Miss North Carolina oozes class on the catwalk.

Miss Michigan can make the sun shine on a rainy day.

While she did not make my list of 20, my vote for Fashion Queen goes to Miss Illinois with the exquisite jaguar dress.

And then there was Miss Georgia . . . she made sure the South was well-represented.

I certainly am no expert on fashion, so ladies help me out here . . . who do you think looked the best?

3 thoughts on “A Flare For Fashion

  1. Love Miss New York, her entire outfit works it. She isn’t wearing stripper shoes like the rest, and the dangly earrings are awesome. Miss Georgia’s got guts with the snakeskin, and she definitely rocks it. I think Miss Michigan’s outfit leaves a lot to be desired…. North Dakota looks classy, Illinois reminds me of Kate Middleton, and North Carolina looks like she thinks she’s too good for it all. Could just be the look on her face the moment the picture was snapped.

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