Miss America Update

The preliminary rounds are finished and now we are just one night away from the grand finale to determine Miss America 2012.  Here are the six winners from the preliminary rounds:


Tuesday Night — Miss Wisconsin (Talent) & Miss Utah (Swimsuit)

Miss Wisconsin wowed the judges with a delectable performance of the opera classic “Il Bacio.”

Miss Utah showed off her toned body in a Deaville Komplique swimsuit with gold and crystal accents.


Wednesday Night — Miss Oklahoma (Talent) and Miss Texas (Swimsuit)

Miss Oklahoma lit up the stage with a rousing Irish stepdance routine to the song “Warriors.”

Miss Texas put her slender frame and smokin’ Texas tan on display in a black Monte Carlo Komplique swimsuit.


Thursday Night: Miss Hawaii (Talent) and Miss New York (Swimsuit)

Miss Hawaii hopped, skipped, and jumped her way to a preliminary talent victory Thursday night with an original jump rope routine to the tune of “Hawaii Five-O.”

Miss New York had the judges seeing red when she strutted across the stage in her Monte Carlo Komplique swimsuit.


Quality Of Life Award Winner — Miss Kentucky

Miss Kentucky (right) was awarded the Quality of Life Award for her platform “Alzheimer’s Awareness and Research.”  The platform is personal for her because her grandfather had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for five years before dying of a heart attack.  She recalls the day he could not recognize her as the worst day of her life.  Miss New Hampshire (center) took first runner-up honors with her platform “Stand Up: Bullying Awareness In Our Community.”  She also has personal experience with her platform issue, having been relentlessly bullied by other girls as a teenager.  Now she reaches out to teens facing similar problems to give them someone to talk to.  Lastly, Miss Michigan (left) was named second runner-up for her platform “Continue To Dream: Giving Hope To Children With Chronic Illness.”  She has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis from the age of three but went undiagnosed until she was thirteen.  Refusing to succumb to her doctor’s dreary prognosis, she has continued to fight the disease and is now in remission.


Feel Good Story?  Miss Colorado

Along with these preliminary award winners, there is another story brewing at the 2012 Miss America Pageant — that of Miss Colorado and her former Miss America mother, Rebecca Ann King.  Miss Colorado’s journey has been remarkable enough given that she is the very first daughter of a former Miss America to compete at the pageant in its 90-year history.  But this week the story took an emotion turn when it was revealed that her mother has been battling skin cancer for over a year.  One day, her mother starting experiencing severe pain in her back.  The pain was so bad, she almost couldn’t walk.  When Rebecca went to the doctor, they found a tumor nearly the “size of a basketball” in her lower back.  She was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma. 

Although the family has tried to keep the matter hushed, things are not looking particularly good.  Rebecca has been wheel-chair bound since her diagnosis and although fifty percent of the tumor is gone, the other fifty percent remains.  Fortunately, the cancer has stalled recently, which will allow Rebecca to be in the audience for her daughter’s big night.  Below are photos of Rebecca celebrating her daughter’s victory after the Miss Colorado pageant:

Naturally, Miss Colorado’s platform is supporting The American Cancer Society’s search for a cure.

Now that you are up to speed with this year’s pageant, stay tuned tomorrow for the pre-game show and my picks for Miss America 2012!

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