Texas Golf Trip

I am very excited about this upcoming week.  I am taking a golf trip with my parents!  We will be playing at four courses in different parts of Texas from Thursday til Sunday.  We have been practicing for months to prepare for it.

April has always been my favorite time of the year to play golf.  There is just something about April that brings our the best in me.  Maybe it’s the beautiful scenery.  Birds chirping, fish jumping, wildflowers in full bloom.  The grass is always green in April and there’s that fresh, crisp smell in the air that calms the senses.  It’s the perfect time to be outdoors.  (Except for a few people who don’t like snakes, bugs, or pollen).

I planned the golf trip so that we will get to experience several different regions of Texas.  Our first stop will be at Memorial Park Golf Course in Houston.  This is the Southeast Texas portion of the trip, where we are sure to encounter dense forests with lush vegetation and abundant bodies of water.  A can of OFF will be with us at all times to fend off the mosquitoes!  Then on Friday evening we will play at the Golf Club of Texas at Briggs Ranch in San Antonio.  This Southwest Texas portion of the trip will challenge us with open, windy plains and blue sky as far as the eye can see.  Saturday will be at Rolling Oaks Golf Club in Rising Star, a little town in North Central Texas about an hour east of Abilene.  The trip from San Antonio to Rising Star will take us right through the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  The grand finale will be at the Links at Land’s End, located right on the shores of Lake Fork in Northeast Texas.

Now, to be sure, our journey will require endurance.  I’ll admit I am just a tad apprehensive about the magnitude of the undertaking.  The trip will consist of 72 holes of golf and take almost a thousand miles of driving, not including my parents’ drive to and from Little Rock.  That is a lot of exercise and traveling for just one extended weekend.  I wonder if we are up to the challenge.

But, I figure if we are going to take a golf trip, we might as well make the most of it.

In other news . . . I am having trouble uploading music to my site for some reason.  Very frustrating.  Hopefully that will get resolved soon so you won’t have to listen to “The Sound Of Silence” when you come here.  Not that you have anything against Paul Simon, right?

P.S. — I’m sorry to rub it in to everyone who is still in school, but I am so glad I get to enjoy the month of April instead of stressing over exams!  Maybe that will give you something to look forward to.   ;  )

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