The Lion Hunter

So I heard about the Texas Tech cheerleader who has caused an internet “uproar” by hunting dangerous game in Africa and posting pictures of her trophies online.  My thought is, how is this news?

She’s not doing anything illegal.  People hunt animals every day, people take pictures every day.  I suspect a lot of the outcriers are jealous because she is a pretty girl who obviously comes from a very wealthy family.  So they find something to be judgmental about.

The word “endangered” gets thrown around in every column.  They gave her a license to hunt.  Take it up with the government, not the girl.  And let’s not pretend the African savannah is a petting zoo.  Lions, leopards, and rhinos are deadly animals which, while not toting rifles of their own, certainly don’t qualify as “helpless.”

The truth is that it takes money to preserve endangered species and the $160k her parents spent on the trip to Africa will probably go a long way toward doing that.  In a day and age where seemingly every form of enjoyment has to be for a “good cause” in order to be acceptable, even that box has been checked.  Save the moralization.

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