Miss America Preliminary Night Two

Night Two of the Pageant has come to a close in Atlantic City.  Your preliminary winners for tonight are:


Miss Kentucky and Miss Oklahoma!

Miss Oklahoma – Lifestyle & Fitness


Miss Kentucky – Talent


This makes the second year in a row that a Miss Oklahoma has won a fitness award (something in the water?) and a violinist has won a talent award.  Of course, Miss Oklahoma is another girl from my initial group.  As the meatloaf song goes, three out of four ain’t bad.

You will also be pleased to know that after last night’s scare Miss Rhode Island recovered quickly and rejoined the competition tonight!  It was a delight to see her back on stage and doing well.

Meet the Judges:

The Pageant judges held a press conference today and offered some insights into their decision-making process.  Below are some pictures of the men and women who will be choosing our next Miss America.  They look like a pretty good crew.  (Football fans will recognize Donald Driver, former wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers.)












In other news: Chris Harrison (of Bachelor / Bachelorette fame) will once again be hosting the pageant.

More news: It was announced that, for the fist time, the Pageant TV coverage will begin an hour early on Sunday Night. The preview will be called Countdown to the Crown and will go behind the scenes to show the contestants as they prepare for their big night. As if there wasn’t enough to be excited about already!

And one writer has already made her picks.  And did a pretty fine job if you ask me!  She’s a lot higher on Miss New York and Miss Alabama than I am, but she may be right and I may be wrong.  I’ll guess we will have to see.

That’s all for tonight, folks.  See you tomorrow.

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