Curious Critter

Today my parents came into town to watch what turned out to be a playoff-clinching win for the Texas Rangers.  So for the second consecutive year, it looks like our guys are headed to the postseason.  Go Rangers.

Before they left the house, they had a rather interesting wildlife encounter.

I will let the text message string speak for itself.

MOM:  I just caught a racoon

ME:  LOL, how did you do that

MOM:  Dad was feeding jack and Abbey before we left out to Dallas and let them out to run and the raccoon came ou of their house too.  He was cuddling with the big pups!!!  We couldn’t get rid of him so I coaxed him in the cage with a slice of cheese!  Lol.  He was so tame

MOM:  We carried him to a wooded area

Apparently this raccoon crawled into the doghouse and made friends with the dogs.  Even after they got him out, my parents could not convince him to leave.  He just moseyed around the yard and kept making this chattering noise that only my Mom can emulate.  He even tried to follow my dad into his toolshed.  Finally my mom “trapped” him with cheese.  Just like the pioneers used to do in the old days, I’m sure.  When they let him out in the woods, he tried to follow my dad back to the truck.  (He was barely able to shut the door before he jumped in.)  Crazy coon!

Probably the best line came from my Papaw after hearing about it: “Well we know for sure they ain’t coon dogs.”

Pumpkin Smoothies

Today is the first day of fall.  (By my calendar.)  I would like to say the Texas summer heat will be missed but . . .  not really.

So, someone told me I could cure my writer’s block by just writing whatever comes to mind.  I’m going to give it a try.


I had a pumpkin smoothie yesterday.  Yes, a pumpkin smoothie.  It sounded exotic and seasonally appropriate, so I thought “why not?”  Well, now I know why not.  It was horrendous, and trust me, that’s not a word I use lightly when describing liquid food.  But I was in the mood for some self-punishment so I finished it anyway.

Which brings me to my main point.  Who decided that pumpkins were edible in the first place??  Apparently they were very hungry.  Anything that scowls at you should not end up in a pie.  And certainly not in a smoothie.

Not to mention, pumpkins are a seasonal decoration.  They have no place in a blender.   You wouldn’t drink a Christmas tree smoothie would you?

Okay.  I think it worked.  Writer’s block is gone.

In unrelated news, I am thinking about buying a new laptop.  Any suggestions??

Nine Eleven

I remember ten years ago today very vividly.  Huddled around a tv set.  Eyes glued to the screen.  The terror, the grief, and the shock.  People lined up at gas stations for as far as the eye could see.  The world flipping upside down.  Not a second of that day did anyone think of schoolwork.  We all kept thinking . . . where would they strike next?

Today is a day of both commemoration and celebration.  Commemoration of those who lost their lives in the tragedy.  Celebration of ten years passing without a similar attack on our soil.  We have our dedicated military and security forces to thank for that.  The wake up call was answered.  Dare I say, we feel safer today than at any time since that Black Tuesday ten years ago.  For ten years, freedom has prevailed over terror.

God Bless America.