But something wasn’t right.  They both glanced out the window.  Great, he thought to himself.  Who on earth could be walking their dog at this time of night?

“What’s wrong?” he asked with a look of concern, trying his best to seem oblivious.  He rested his hand on her thigh for comfort.  “Let’s go,” she said, unamused.

He slid back into his seat and cranked the engine.  Sometimes good things have to wait. 

“I’ve got another place in mind,” he offered.  He flashed a boyish grin.  “It’s not far.”

“Sure,” she replied casually.  She didn’t have the heart to tell him.  Not yet.  Besides, his heart was fluttering.  And so was hers.

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  1. You had me at jazz bar and masquerade. Though if you’re really as intellectually limber as your profile insinuates, you probably saw the labyrinth reference present itself all too easily. I went for Mardi Gras…seven years ago? I was too young to enjoy it then haha. Thanks for the advice though. I’m a swing and blues dancer so Jazz fest sounds wonderful. The lindy hop fest in Denver is right before so I may do a cross country trip. Lindy on the rocks in Denver then the jazz and Heritage fest. Sounds like a party.

  2. I’m also a history fanatic, that’s what really drives me to go down to New Orleans. In labyrinth there is the masquarade ball, thus why I thought you may have mentioned it seeing as my layout is…completely labyrinth and David Bowie inspired.I take lessons and dance on every day of the week except tuesday and wednesday. The dances are usually a lesson or two and then free dancing until somewhere around 3 am when the last few people decide they’re hungry and want to go for a pancake run at IHop. I have no knowledge of anything dance in Germany haha, I’m hoping there is something though since I am moving back there for the school year.  Either way I am at the point if I wanted to I could start a community swing club wherever I am and teach. :)Texas hm? Too hot for me in the summer! I’m a ginger. Do you realize how much sunscreen I have to buy just for my left arm while driving? 😛

  3. unfortunately i live in japan where there are no such thing as tips so therefore there would be no laws for it. but i work in a “supposed” american sports bar that acts like they do things the american way. & idk who came up with this bs thing about splitting tips. thank you for enlightening me though i had no idea thats how it is back in the states.

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